Dialogue Between Yourself and Your Friend About the Corruption in Bangladesh

Question: Write a dialogue between yourself and your friend Himel about the corruption in Bangladesh.

Answer: A dialogue between myself (Ripon) and my friend Himel about the corruption in Bangladesh:

Himel: Well Ripon, what’s you’re feeling about the corruption prevalent in Bangladesh?

Myself: It has seized every department of the government like a creeping paralysis. It’s cancer in our body politic.

Himel: Right. That’s why Bangladesh has been rated champion five times in corruption in the world.

Myself: It’s a great national disgrace and very much shocking.

Himel: But how does it occur?

Myself: Usually it occurs when a person takes illegal advantages by neglecting duty or by misusing power. In our country, it occurs by way of bribery, abuse of power, nepotism, avarice for wealth, moral degeneration and social indulgence, etc.

Himel: True. I think it keeps spreading because of relaxation of coercive measures in the local administration.

Myself: Right you are. The corrupt politicians misuse state power for their own selves and for their party people. Corrupt people in the education sector help the bad students to pass the exams in exchange for illegal money. All these create harm, depression, and grievance among the people.

Himel: Undoubtedly. If this is allowed to continue the nation will fall into the labyrinth of ruin.

Myself: Now there’s a streak of light on the horizon. An independent anti-corruption commission has been set up and it has been working in heart and soul to fight out corruption.

Himel: Let’s wish it a success.

Myself: Let’s also hope for the best of our motherland.

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