Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About the Bad Effects of Copying in The Exam

Question: Suppose, your friend is Farhan. He does not learn his lessons properly. He makes a bad result in the exam. When the examination approaches he is afraid of the exam. He adopts unfair means to pass the exam. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effect of copying in the exam.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and my friend (Farhan) about the bad effects of copying in the exam.

Myself: Hi, Farhan! Why do you look so gloomy?

Farhan: Oh, my friend! I’m anxious about my coming Test Examination.

Myself: But, why don’t you prepare well for the exam?

Farhan: You know, I’m an expert in copying in the examination hall.

Myself: Fie! you’re ruining yourself by copying in the exam. This is nothing but a self-killing act.

Farhan: But if I’m not caught, what’s wrong?

Myself: There are many bad effects, friend. First of all, it is an immoral act, secondly, your knowledge and skill will not be developed if you adopt this unfair means.

Farhan: Then what will happen?

Myself: It is clear you may pass by copying, but you will not be qualified in any competitive job interview because you know little.

Farhan: You’re right, friend. I realize the bad effects of copying.

Myself: So, discard this evil intention from your mind. Read well, I’m sure you will do good.

Farhan: Pray for me. Thanks very much for your advice.

Myself: Welcome.

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