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Paragraph on Unfairmeans In the Examination

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Copying in the examination is a great problem in our country. It is a national problem. There are many reasons for the problem. Firstly, dirty student politics is responsible for it. Secondly, the faulty syllabus is responsible for copying. Thirdly, some dishonest teachers help in copying. We have to stop this at any cost. Because the future of this bad practice is very alarming. Students are the future of the country. If they do not have real knowledge, the future is grim. There will be no one to lead the nation. They should come out of this practice. They have to change their mentality. The education system should be changed. The lessons should be interesting. The invigilators should be more honest. The guilty must receive exemplary punishment. All should come forward to stop copying. It is a matter of hope that the government has taken the necessary steps to stop copying. The countrymen have thanked the government.

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