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Essay on Problems and Prospects of Female Education in Bangladesh

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Hints: Introduction, Importance of female education, Problems of female education in Bangladesh, Prospects of female education in Bangladesh, Conclusion.


Education is a basic right of a citizen. The constitution of Bangladesh has recognized it also. So, education should be universal. In this sense, women should also be educated by all means. It is not only a constitutional obligation but also a precondition of development.

Importance of female education

The Centre or base of civilization is family and a family is controlled by a woman actually. Though in our country a male member is the guardian of a family, its all functions are almost controlled and done by women members directly or indirectly. The advancement of civilization depends on the mentality of women. Since education changes one’s mentality positively, women’s education is very important to form a civilized society.

Every woman is essentially a mother. As a mother, a woman is the first and most important teacher of her child. The future of a child depends on how he/she is taught by his mother in childhood. Only an educated mother can teach her offspring properly.

Almost 50% of people in our country are women. It is quite impossible to develop our country keeping half of our population illiterate. An educated woman can perform her duty more effectively and efficiently than an illiterate woman. So, the importance and significance of female education are undeniable.

Problems of female education in Bangladesh Though the importance of female education is being realized in our country nowadays, a portion of our society thinks that females should be kept behind the veil or the `pariah. They think that women should not go out for education and work. In the name of religion, some blind fundamentalists oppose female education also.

On the other hand, some other people in Bangladesh believe that women are inferior to men intellectually. They also believe that women are emotional and are not physically and mentally fit for challenging professions. So, a woman’s duties and responsibilities should be limited within the house only. Their only duty is to rear up children, perform the household duties and help the male members of their family. To do these functions education is not necessary according to the people of this class. This tendency is a great problem for female education.

Poverty is another important impediment to female education in Bangladesh. 40% people of our country are living below the poverty level. Besides, governments of this region were not aware of female education in the past. As a result, infrastructural facilities like institutions of education are not sufficient. Due to these reasons, women’s literacy rate is very low in Bangladesh. There was a single woman who completed a master’s degree up to 1927.

Prospects of female education in Bangladesh

The Prospect of female education now in Bangladesh is not dissatisfactory. Because the government has realized the importance of female education. Besides, the people of our country are more conscious now. They have also realized this and are sending their female child to school.

The government of Bangladesh has taken some projects to increase the literacy rate in Bangladesh, especially to increase women’s literacy rate. No tuition fee is required for a female student up to the HSC level, rather they get some money under the sub-scholarship project. Though general people are more conscious about the importance of female education, they are helpless due to poverty. So, those steps of government have been appropriate and effective. Now, the rate of getting admission in primary schools is increasing day by day amongst female children. Govt. had a target to eliminate illiteracy within 2006 A.D. But the target is yet Unfulfilled though progress is visible to some extent.

Like the government, various NGOs also are trying to eliminate women’s illiteracy. BRAC, GRAMEEN BANK, PROSHIKA, ASA, etc. are taking projects emphasizing female education. BRAC has established schools in rural areas where there is no government school. Actually, women themselves have brightened their future too. They have proved the essentiality of female education playing a more effective role in various- sectors as an educated person. So, there is nothing to be pessimistic regarding the future of female education. Despite these, some suggestions may be given to be fully optimized. Because females are indeed getting more facilities in comparing to the past. But, still, they are not getting equal opportunity to be educated, at least partially, like a male. So, the suggestions may be as follows:

  1. Parents should not create behavioral discrimination between a female child and a male child.
  2. Male and female children should get equal preference in getting admission in schools.
  3. We should change our mentality to discriminate between men and women in the field of work also.
  4. Government should establish more educational institutions for women.
  5. We should drive away all sorts of superstition and bigotry from our society.
  6. Government has to include women in the policy-making process.
  7. Government and NGOs should expand post-education help for women so that they can be self-reliant etc.


We know that Education is the backbone of a nation. So, we must alleviate illiteracy from our country and women should get priority. Because their role is more important to build up the nation. Napoleon truly said, “Give me a good mother, I will give you a good nation.” Therefore, a good mother means a good nation, and a .good nation comes from education.

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