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Composition on Female Education

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[Hints: Introduction; Women in the past; Necessity of Female education; Conclusion]

Introduction: Bangladesh is an under-development country. Fifty per cent of her population is women. Now we live in a civilized world. Every one of us feels the necessity to make our country developed in all respects. The services of both men and women are required for the purpose. So, both should receive a proper education.

Women in the past: There was a time when women were considered only for the household works. They were illiterate. Though many of them wished to have an education, they were not given chance.

The necessity of female education: Nowadays all the great thinkers pass their opinions in favour of female education. A mother is the best teacher of her children. An educated mother can get her children fit in all matters. She knows well how to rear up her children and to hold up their character. An educated woman is the best friend of her husband. She can maintain the family properly. On the other hand, an ignorant wife is a serious burden to an educated husband. Real happiness cannot be expected of an uneducated wife. Besides, in these days of economic crisis and educated wife can help her husband by serving in offices or in educational institutions. Lastly, an educated woman can realize the necessity of birth control. So, a woman should be given ample opportunity for education.

Conclusion: Female education is very necessary for Bangladesh for the better interest of our country the women should be trained to be a good citizen, good housemistress and a good mother.