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Composition on Mass Education

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Introduction: the word mass means the public in general. Mass education means education which aims at educating the public. By such education, the people in general at least will be able to read and write.

The necessity of mass education/importance of mass education: illiteracy is a curse to the nation. Education is called the backbone and the basis of all progress and prosperity of a nation. All the civilized and the developed countries are very rich in education. Ninety-nine percent people in those countries are literate. A literate man helps in the economic development of his country, whereas an illiterate man is a burden to the nation.

Principles of the government regarding the problem: illiteracy is a burning problem of the nation. The government is fully aware of it. They have resolved to do away with illiteracy from tile soil of Bangladesh within five years.

The object of the government is undoubtedly noble and deserves admiration. But the present system is not enough to the root of the curse of illiteracy from our country. A limited number of teachers and students are insufficient to make the mass education program successful. Every educated man should participate in the program of the government to make every citizen educated.

Steps taken by the government: the late president Ziaur Rahman launched a campaign to educate the illiterate masses within the shortest possible time. In order to make mass education program a success, a large number of primary school should be set up all over tile country. It is a matter of hope that our government has already made primary education compulsory.

Conclusion: if we are sincere to work and diligent in our acts, God must reward us with success for Allah helps those who help themselves.

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