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Essay on Illiteracy of Bangladesh

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Introduction: the inability to reading or write is illiteracy. It is indeed a most serious problem in our country. About 27.1 percent of the people of Bangladesh are illiterate. It means that the literacy rate in Bangladesh is only 23 percent. The condition is worse in Bangladesh.

Its causes: Bangladesh is a developing country. Its population is very much larger for its area. Most of the people of Bangladesh are fainters and workers. They are poor. They in value their children in economic activities instead of sending them to school. Thus, these children remain ignorant of their own mother tongue.

Its effects: A country can make no progress until its people become literate up to a satisfactory rate. Literacy is key of development in a country. The progress of a country becomes impossible without literate population.

Illiteracy a curse: Illiteracy is a curse. It makes all development efforts impossible, in our country, it is a great problem. If we can not solve this problem, our nation will face a great destruction.

Remedy: It is extremely difficult of Graduate illiteracy from a country like Bangladesh which has a large number of population. The problem is not capable of being solved single-handed. It is the social responsibility of every literate person to solve this problem. Education must be made free and compulsory at least up to the age of fourteen. The government of Bangladesh should take various steps for removing illiteracy.

Conclusion: The problem of illiteracy in Bangladesh will not be solved only by providing education to the children. The adults must be educated. For making Bangladesh developed country, we must try to remove illiteracy.