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Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Necessity of Literacy

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Question: Lata and Runa are talking about illiteracy problem and the ways to solve it. Now, write a dialogue between Lata and Runa on the necessity of literacy.



Runa: Hello, Lata, How’re you?

Lata: I’m fine. And what about you?

Runa: I’m fine too. What are you doing?

Lata: I’m reading an article about the illiteracy problem of our country.

Runa: Is it necessary to read about the problem?

Lata: I’m worried about the problem. Do you know the exact condition of literacy of our country?

Runa: No, actually I don’t have much idea about it.

Lata: Most of the people of our country are illiterate. They do not know how to read and write. No proper development is possible until all the people are properly educated.

Runa: It’s a mammoth task. Is it possible to solve this problem?

Lata: Why not? You’ll be happy to know that our government has taken some steps to remove illiteracy from the country.

Runa: But how is it possible for the government alone?

Lata: It’s a gigantic task indeed. But it is not impossible either.

Runa: You know most of the people of our country are poor. They are busy to earn their livelihood. They aren’t interested to receive education and send their children to school.

Lata: You’re right. For this reason, our Government has launched Food for Education Programme to inspire the poor people to send their children to school.

Runa: People from all walks of life should extend their co-operation.

Lata: Of course, it will’ need the co-operation of all.

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