Paragraph on A Birthday Party


  • When was the day?
  • What did Lata’s mother make?
  • What was the occasion?
  • What did Lata use?
  • When did Lata cut the cake?
  • What did Lata’s friend do?
  • How was the birthday party concluded?

Answer: It was the 10 June 2005. I attended the birthday party of Lata arranged by her house Lata’s mother prepared some delicious foods. Lata cleaned and decorated the drawing-room spotlessly. She wore a new dress. By 5 pm all the invited guests arrived. The guests were standing around the dining table. Lata cut a cake followed a round of applause. Plates full of delicious food items were then placed. A lot of talking and giggling accompanied the eating. After dinner, some of the girls started singing in the chorus. Then at the suggestion of one of the girls, everybody was asked to make a joke. The joke made by me was rotted the best. At last, the birthday party concluded with the chorus ‘Happy Birth Day to you’.

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