Paragraph on My Birthday Party

My birthday is observed every year. Some days ago my last birthday was observed. It was the 20th of October. Our house was decorated with flowers, balloons and Colourful bulbs before the day. I phoned my friends to join my birthday party. My parents invited our relatives to attend the party. I put on a new dress. Invited guests and friends began to come at 4 p.m. I received them heartily. Everyone was with a nice present. All wished me a happy birthday. All attended my birthday party. Now it was my turn to blow out candles and cut the cake. My father told me to do so. I blew out the candles and cut the cake. Then, everyone clapped and sang, ‘happy birthday to you‘. My father -fed me a slice of the cake. The rest of the cake was given to all. Then some of my friends began to dance. My friend, Rasel sang a song and charmed us. Then delicious food items were served. Then all got ready to leave us. I thanked them to join my birthday. I bade them farewell. Thus my last birthday party ended. I enjoyed it very much. I will never forget it.

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