Paragraph on Wedding Ceremony I attended

Marriage is the eternal bondage of two opposite gender. This event comes at a time of every human’s life. This day is mostly observed by the people of various castes and creeds. In this respect, I had an opportunity to enjoy the feast and festivities that were provided on the occasion of the wedding ceremony of my elder sister. On this day, a big pandal with Shamiana above was erected, The whole house especially, the get was designed very tastefully. My parents invited my friends and relatives to attend the wedding ceremony of my sister. The bridegroom party arrived at our house in the evening at 8.00 pm. Then the bridal guests were given sits with great decorum. The bridegroom had his special seat prepared and decorated for him. About five hundred guests attended the ceremony. After a short time, the guests were treated to sumptuous dinner. After having dinner, the guests went for relaxation. They left their respective seats and entered upon friendly gossips in small groups. The party left the place at 10 pm with the bride. I felt much delighted that the occasion gave me the opportunity to meet many in one place and to enjoy a pleasant evening.

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