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Paragraph on E-mail

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Email or Electronic mail, popularly known as e-mail is the latest means of speedy communication. Nowadays people prefer sending an e-mail to sending letters or using the telephone. An e-mail has become popular within a very short time because it has brought many advantages. It is cheaper, easier and less time-consuming than the telephone. Besides, communication between two parties is possible even when they are not present simultaneously. On top of that e-mail reduces the use of paper because messages can be sent electronically. It may improve office efficiency because files in computers can be located instantly and copied or sent electronically. The problem of red-tapism can be avoided. However, everyone in a poor country like ours cannot afford to send an e-mail because the operation of an e-mail system requires a personal computer, a modem and a telephone connection. An option is to avail of commercially operated e-mail facilities at cyber cafes which have sprung up in many towns and cities. An e-mail system is a very advantageous one; it will surely become the most widely-used means of communication in the near future.


Paragraph on E-mail

The full expression of e-mail is electronic mail. It is an electronic medium for communication. For e-mail, a personal computer, a modem, and a telephone connection are necessary. E-mail is delivered to individual electronic mailboxes. So, privacy is ensured. In this system, messages can be sent to any country within seconds. It saves us valuable time. It reduces the use of paper. It is used for both business and personal purposes. As it takes less time and money, people prefer fax to telephone. But e-mail is not available in Bangladesh. Here most of the people are poor. So, all are not getting the opportunity of using e-mail. Yet, we hope we all will get the opportunity of using it in the future.

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