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Essay on What Are Your Thoughts and Feelings About Computers?

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First of all, let us take a look at what a computer is and what sort of work it can do.

There are many types of computers. Huge powerful computers are employed by governments and businesses to perform complex tasks of calculating. Computers are particularly good at performing repetitive tasks at speeds far faster than any human or team of humans, Smaller computers like a home or personal computers can also perform the menial task much faster than. a human being.

An average person may take a few minutes to multiply two numbers together, for example, 3624 x 789 if he can do it at all. A computer can get it done in less time it takes to blink a.n eye! To sort out a list of twenty names in alphabetical order may take a person another a few minutes. A computer can do it faster than the time it takes to read this sentence!

The above two examples illustrate the speed and thus the usefulness of a computer. It is an enormously powerful tool for doing quick accurate computations.

Thus, computers are used in mass communications, in-flight reservations, in air-traffic control, in banking, in scientific research and virtually any type of activity that requires fast reliable calculations and quick data processing. Modern living depends a lot on computers.

Personally, I feel that computers are a blessing to us I have one myself. Although it is a small one it can do things unheard of just a few years ago, on it I can learn something about the intricacies of flying an airplane. Even though I crashed many times while trying to fly the flight simulator, I learned to appreciate the skills of a real pilot, and how easy it is to make fatal mistakes. I also learned to appreciate the kind of planning and strategy needed to successfully win wars and battles from the various types of war games available. On the lowest and most fun level, I get to develop my reflexes and hand-eye coordination by zapping aliens on the various types of arcade games that never cease to grab my attention,

On a more serious side, I can improve on my musical skills by writing and composing songs on some of the musical software. It is a wonderful feeling to hear what I just wrote coming out loud and clear through the speaker. I feel like. a conductor in- charge of a whole host of musicians playing harmoniously together.

Then there are art programs that can use to create pictures on the screen. it is with great pleasure to see the multicolored scenery slowly take shape in front of me, knowing then can add in anything or remove any part by a mere touch of a button. The control over the picture is complete. No more do have to handle messy crayons, watercolors or oil paints. Electronic pictures are tar cleaner.
For more practical things, there are word-processors, databases, spreadsheets and other business software available. These can effectively improve whatever business we may involve ourselves in. Accounting is never simpler. Writing a letter is a breeze.

Also, I can connect my personal computer to one of the world-wide computer services via a modem. From these services, I can read the latest news, send and receive messages, advertise, buy things and do many other things by simply typing on the keyboard. The ease and speed of doing these things are unparalleled. It is fantastic.

In the near future, I am sure every home will have at least ore computer. It will be as common and necessary as a telephone. Our lives w be profound; changed. We will use the computer more and more to keep our financial accounts order, to check our personal files, to communicate with others and to entertain ourselves. As long as we do not let it run our lives the computer will serve us well. It is nothing but a dumb slave which does exactly what we tell it to do. Thus, it should remain as such, a servant to our needs. We must be careful not to let it become our master. It will not unless we allow it to.

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