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Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About the Usefulness of Computer

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the usefulness of computers.

Answer: A dialogue between Anis (myself) and Ranju (my friend) about the usefulness of computer:

Anis: Hello Ranju, how’re you?

Ranju: Hi. I’m fine. You?

Anis: So, so. Well, what’s your idea about a computer?

Ranju: Thanks. I’ve attended the opening class on the computer. In fact, it has provided me much information on the computer.

Anis: Would you please tell me something about the usefulness of this device M)?

Ranju: Sure. You know, it’s a device that mainly performs calculations. But do you know how fast?

Anis: Please. I feel thrilled.

Ranju: Million and million times faster than a trained mathematician.

Anis: My God! I can’t believe it.

Ranju: It also can run a business. play chess and compose music.

Anis: Then. I must learn about the computer. Thank you.

Ranju: You’re welcome:

Anis: Then I think it’s like Aladin’s magic lamp.

Ranju: Exactly so. Anis. If your computer is connected with the internet, it can bring any information you want to know within a-moment.

Anis: Then I must learn to use a computer.

Ranju: Try. friend. Bye.

Anis: Thanks for your information. Bye.

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