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Short Paragraph on Computer

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  1. What is a computer?
  2. Who invented it?
  3. What is are its main components?
  4. What are its main functions?
  5. What changes has it brought to our life?

Answer: the computer is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. It is fairly a recent invention. It has now become a part and parcel of day-to-day life. The computer was invented by an English mathematician called Charles Babbage. Computers are two basic types: analog and digital. Analog: computers deal with physical qualities and digital computers deal with numbers. Computers have five major components; input, store, control, processing, and output. They mainly perform the functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and comparison. Every computer has a language of its own. It is called a programming language. The computer has brought about a revolutionary change in our life. It can solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately. This is why many people call “the computer an electronic brain”.


Paragraph On Computer

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Computer.’ Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. What is one of the greatest advances in modern technology?
  2. What can a computer do?
  3. What can the fastest computer do?
  4. What are the various uses of the computer?
  5. Has the computer brought about revolutionary changes in our life?

Answer: The invention of the computer is one of the greatest advances in modern technology. It is a fairly recent invention. The computer is a substitute for the human brain. Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. In a few minutes, a computer can perform calculations that a trained mathematician would need years to complete. The fastest computers can handle millions of problems in a few seconds. It can perform many operations at the same time without any confusion. Nowadays the computer has become very sophisticated and it can be put to various uses. It is being used in industries and in universities. It can run a business, play chess or even compose music. It has greatly benefited us in every sphere of life. It has brought about revolutionary changes in human civilization.

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