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Composition on Traveling Or, Benefits of Traveling

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Introduction: the curiosity for travailing is an inherent instinct with a human being. Cowper says, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ Travelling is a pleasant outing with a great variety. It acts as a great source of joy, thrill, and excitement.

Part of education: travelling is a part and parcel of our education. It helps us supplement our bookings knowledge about different places, nations, things, and cultures. A proverb also says, ‘experience is the best teacher.’ Ulysses also urges us to acquire ‘knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost bound of human thought.’

Thoughts about Allah’s (God’s) creation: many are the mysteries of Allah’s (God’s) creations. Travelling helps us to think about the mysteries of his creations. To discover the variety of the universe is to discover the mysterious ways of God. Ulysses says, “How dull it is to pause, to make an end; To rust unfurnished- not to shine in use.”

Source of mental peace: travelling helps us get us to get rid of the dread monotony of our routine- bound compact life. The mind’s health cannot be maintained without coming in touch with the diversity of the universe. Travelling creates in mind a newer world of peace and happiness. It becomes a great source of bliss in solitude. Let me quote the feelings of the poet, “I gazed- and gazed- but little thought, What wealth the show to me had brought.”
Source of world peace: world peace is the crying need of the day. Travelling goes a long way to establish world peace. It helps us understand the different nations of the world and be friendly with them. It can best be expressed in the lines, ‘friendship to all, and malice to none, to love all the people under to Sun.’ moreover; travelling helps promote the trade and commerce of the country.

Famous travellers of the world:
the history of the world travellers tells us that the world-famous travellers have left behind them Footprints on the sands of time by their versatile knowledge and experience. We can mention among them the names of Huen Sangh, Faxian, Ibne Batuta, Sheikh Saadi, March polo and the outstanding travellers of the world. They contributed a lot to establish world peace and harmony through their much- earned knowledge and experience.

The necessity of travelling:
man is by nature found of variety and change. He is very eager to know the unknown; to see the unseen and to explore the Unexplored. He cannot live a confined life within the four walls of his house. Shakespeare says those who have never moved an inch from their house remain ignorant of many things. He further says, “home-keeping youths are always homely, they are always just like the frogs in well.” Travelling is also essential for the healthy growth of our mind. Our beloved world poet Tagore says, “The mind’s health cannot be maintained on the ration of books served up in the motionless classes within the prison walls of the static school.” Sheiks Saadi (R) says, “The thinkers and the travellers are the greatest saints of the world.”

Demerits of travelling:
there is nothing on earth which is an unmixed blessing. Travelling is not also free from devils. Too much of travelling is very harmful to health. It not only wastes money but also affects health and morality. It may bring in perverted culture and make our young generations degraded. Besides, the germs of different contagious diseases may flow in spread widely. This is why we should travel limited and cautiously.

Conclusion: thus we find that travelling is of great value to us. We should undertake travels for earning knowledge and experiences of the world and thereby enrich the storehouse of knowledge.

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