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Composition on A Village Fair I Visited

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Introduction: Cowper says, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ A village fair is an occasion of great variety and source of joy and pleasure for the village people. it is a much looked for the occasion for them.

Place and occasion: a village fair is usually held on the occasion of Bengali New Year’s Day or a religious festival. It is generally held in an open space or on the bank of a river or near a banyan tree. It lasts for a day or two.

Description: I had the opportunity of visiting a village fair held in our neighbouring village on the occasion of Bengali New Year’s Day. It took place around a large banyan tree. I went to the fair along with two of my cousins. We found hundreds of booths, stalls, and tents in the fields around the big banyan tree. I came to know that the traders, craftsmen and other interested people come to the place the previous day. People from all walks of life rushed to the fair. There was an ear-deafening bustle of the crowd all around. There was a great variety go goods such as toy’s, dolls, earthenwares, fluted balloons, baskets, imitation ornaments etc. in the fair. Foods of all kinds were also available in the fair.

We watched the men, women, and children busy seeing. Looking and buying different things for themselves and for their dear and near ones. We moved a little forward with great difficulty and found a miniature exhibition for handmade things of the rural artisans and craftsmen. Then we came to a place where there were various forms of amusements. A travelling Jatra-Party, a circus party, and merry-go-rounds were the additions attractions of the fair. We were greatly amused to see a magician showing his tricks to the crowd. Thus seeing and enjoying the time to return home came up. Then I made some purchases after my taste and choice and started for home. It goes without saying that I came to learn many things about rural life and culture from my visit to the fair.

Conclusion: the memory of the fair shall remain ever fresh in my mind. The melodious song of a snake-charmer with the eye-chanting dancing of big snakes touched my heart very deeply.

“The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more.”

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