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Short Composition on A Village Fair I Visited

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Introduction: a village fair is a gathering of village people. It is usually held annually or periodically at a certain place on the occasion of Bengali new year’s day or a religious festival. It lasts for a day or two. It is generally held inane open space or on the bank of the river or near a banyan tree.

Occasion: one the fixed day, I along with two of my cousins started for the fair at 10 a.m. entering into the fair, we found hydrides of booths, stalls, and tents in the fields around the big banyan tree. I came to know that the traders, craftsmen and other interested people come to the place the previous day. Various kinds of goods such as dolls, earthenware, toys, flutes, balloons, basket, and imitation ornaments etc. Were displayed there in an attractive manner to draw the attention of the customer. Food of all kinds was also available at the fair.

Activities in the air: we begin to walk along the lanes between rows of the booth. We watched that men, women, and children gathered in the fair in a large number. They were busy buying for themselves and for their dear and near ones. We came to a place where there was a merry-go-round and looked at it for some time. Then we enjoyed a circus show. Coming out or the circus, I drank the water of a green coconut, next, I proceeded to the front of a booth and bought some fancy things for my younger sister. For myself, I bought a mouth-organ and some sweetmeats.

Conclusion: I had been sweating profusely since I got into the crowd. So, we came out to their crowd and started for home in the afternoon. Form my visit to the fair, I have learned many things about rural and culture. Really, the memory of this fair will remain ever fresh in my mind.

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