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A Village Fair Paragraph

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Village Fair’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is a village fair?
  2. Where is it held?
  3. Why is it held?
  4. What is sold here?
  5. What is shown here?

Answer: A village fair is a common sight in Bangladesh. It is a yearly affair. A village fair is usually held to observe local and religious festivals. A village fair sits on a riverbank. It also sits on a canal side. A big space under a big tree is also selected for it. Sellers take a position for their stalls. They make makeshift stalls in a row. A village fair displays village products. Goods like combs, toys, bangles, dolls, cosmetics, handicrafts, etc. are available in a village fair. Wooden things are also available there. Children buy fancy toys. The puppet show is a great attraction for them. Besides, Jatra, circus, magic show and so on are held in the fair. A village fair helps the village people to come closer. It helps them to share friendship, co-operation, and brotherhood. A village fair has some demerits too. Gambling is one of them. People discharge here and there. Some miscreants, pickpockets, and criminals also move there. Customers are cheated. Yet, it is a mirror of rural faith, tradition, and attitude. It is a source of charms for the village people. Besides, it has great economic value too.


A Village Fair

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A village fair’. The paragraph includes the information given below.

  1. Where does the village fair sit?
  2. When does it sit?
  3. What kinds of goods found in the fair?
  4. What other attraction we can see in the fair?

Answer: A village fair in a small exhibition of fence goods. It takes place either on the bank of the river or under a spreading tree. It sits once a year and lasts at least for three days. Hundreds of stales for selling different goods are seen in a fair. Handmade wooden and earthen toys, pots, utensils, basket, whistles, etc., are found in a fair. Children and young people are the main customers of a fair. The circus party and Jatra party are the chief attraction of a village fair. Illiterate people in the village can learn a lot of things from the circus and Jatra party. So, it brings a good-effect on the village people.