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Paragraph on A Village Fair

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  1. What is a village fair?
  2. Where is the village fair held?
  3. When does it start?
  4. Who rushes to fair?
  5. What is sold in a village fair?
  6. How do the people of the village enjoy it?
  7. What kind of occasion is it?

Answer: Every year a fair is held at Shampur, two kilometers away from our village. The site is a vast field on the bank of a river. This village fair begins on the 17th of Chaitra and lasts for seven days. A large crowd of people gathers here from far and near on this occasion. It seems that all the villagers of the neighborhood rush to the fair. The crowd is very large and there reigns a deafening noise. The visitors have to make their way with, great difficulty from one stall to another. There are many stalls in the fair. Some sell fancy goods and some sell sweets. Grocery goods, metal utensils, toys, stationery articles, and wooden things are also should there. Earthenwares, dolls, furniture, clothes, garments and many other things are also put up for sale. The fair is a kind of miniature exhibition of hand-made things. This fair is a happy occasion for the village people.



A Village Fair

Question: Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on ‘A village fair’. You have to use the following questions in writing this paragraph:

  1. What is a village fair?
  2. Where does a village fair sit?
  3. On what occasion is a village fair held?
  4. When does the fair become crowded?
  5. What types of goods are available at the fair?
  6. What types of programmes are arranged in the fair?
  7. What influences does a village fair make on the general mass?

Answer: a village fair is a large gathering of the village people. The village people gather at the fairground to sell and buy local products. It usually sits in the central part of the village or on the bank of a river or at the marketplace or in the yard of a temple. It is generally held on the occasion of a religious festival or on the death anniversary of a holy man. It is also held on the first day of Baisakh. It lasts for a day or for days together. A village fair is a kind of exhibition. Clothes, toys, cheap ornaments, cosmetics, cheap fancy goods, utensil, bamboo made articles; sweetmeats and many other attractive things are sold in the village fair. A village fair becomes crowded in the afternoon. There are some attractions such as Jatra (drama), circus, and doll-dance, magic show etc. a merry-go-round attracts the children most. A village fair comes to the use of the villagers in many ways. It acts as a market for cottage industries and encourages the artisans, craftsmen, potters, weavers, and cultivators. It also gives enjoyment to the common mass. It brings a valuable change in the life of the villagers. It broadens their things and inspires them.

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