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Short Paragraph on A Village Fair

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Question: write a paragraph in about 80 words on “a village fair”.

  • Time and Place.
  • Occasion.
  • Duration.
  • Goods of Fair.

Answer: a village fair is a small but colorful exhibition held periodically in a particular place of the village. A village fair is generally held in an open space or held on the bank of a river or near a temple. The occasion may be religious or cultural according to the tradition of the local people. It is generally held in the month of Chaitra and Baisakh. Men and women of all ages find great delight in visiting the village fair. The things that attract all kinds of people including the children are exhibited and sold there. The rural craftsman and artisans exhibit and sell their handmade goods. Fancy goods such as toys, whistles, combs, hairpins, chief ornaments, cosmetics, looking glasses, balloons, doll etc. are sold at the fair. It lasts for a weak or a day. A village fair is a means of recreations, change and social get together of the village people.



A Village Fair


  1. What is a village fair?
  2. Where is it usually held?
  3. On what occasion is it held?
  4. What are things bought and sold here?
  5. What are the special attractions of a village fair?

Answer: a village fair is an annual gathering of the village people. It is a traditional part of our culture and civilization. It is usually held on the bank of a pond, a river, a canal, or in some open space. It is held on the occasion of some religious festivals or on the first day of the new year or the last day of the year. It is a much looked for the day for the villagers. A village fair is a kind of small exhibition of rural arts and crafts. Things of various kinds and tasters are bought and sold at the fair. Dolls, fancy goods, toys, sweets, wooden and earthen things are sold in a village fair. Circus parties, magic shows, and merry-go-rounds are the special attractions of a village fair. Thus a village fair plays a very important role in the rural life of our country. It removes the monotony of village life.



A Village Fair

A village fair is an annual affair of the villagers. It is a small exhibition of fancy goods. It is usually held once in a year on an open place either in a riverbank or under a big tree. It lasts for two to seven days or more. There are hundreds of stalls for selling various articles. Such as toys, dolls, balloons, ribbons, wooden-utensils, earthen pots, household goods, baskets etc. There is a large number of sweetmeat stalls and they tame the buyers. Especially the children like more this than any other things. The chief objects of attention are Circus party, Puppet show, and Jatra all around. It is also a meeting ground for the old and the young, the rich and the poor. It is considered an important part of our culture.

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