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Composition on Duties of An Ideal Student

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Introduction: students are the most important section of the society. They can play a very important role as a voluntary association. This is the most self-less section the society. Students mainly study books for examinations. But they are social beings. They comprise a large portion of the society. A normal human being must live in a society to lead a balanced and smooth life. Like other section of the people, students enjoy certain rights and privileges of the society. As members of a society, they cannot be indifferent towards their duties for the society.

Duties of the students: the primary duty of students is to acquire knowledge. They are the prospective citizens of the country. They should equip themselves with the necessary information, which might enable them to play their roles. It is not desirable that they should waste their time, energies and faculties in affairs other than education. But in backward countries student have to render certain service for their development and progress.

In education: students should not shut up their eyes to the society. They have many things to do. By rendering voluntary services they can enlighten people about their civic rights and responsibilities. They can also keep the people informed about the steps taken by the government for the welfare of the people.

In the field of national health: the role of students is important in the field of our national health. The people of our villages are not at all aware of even primary lessons of hygiene. A large number of people suffer from various diseases. Due to the lack of hygienic since they cannot drive diseases. They are very hardy for demonstrations for mass meting’s, slogans etc.

In politics: the students play an important role in the political activities. A large portion of our population is illiterate. They are not always conscious of the social responsibilities and civic sense. But students are very hardy for demonstrations for mass meting’s, slogans etc.

In agriculture: being an agricultural country, Bangladesh depends on agriculture. Students can convince people of the utility of the modern method of cultivation. In this case, students can teach the illiterate farmers. They can help them actively to procure improved seeds from different canter of the agricultural development corporation. They can show the use of fertilizers.

In natural calamities: in times of natural calamities, students can perform wonderful works. They go in batches to distribute the medicines among the diseased. They collect voluntary donations from the rich people and distribute them among the famine-stricken people. During cyclone, they offer different types of voluntary services. They also play an important role in the development works and in the cultural fields

Conclusion: the social service of the students brings double blessing. One, it serves the society and humanity at large. It also helps the students together practical knowledge. They form a significant part of the society. They can make some of the projects of the nation like adult education, family planning, grow-more campaign, tree plantation, canal digging and mass education successful.

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