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Composition on Mass Education Or, Education for All

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Introduction: a proverb says.

“Better weep with the wise than laugh with the fools.”

Shakespeare says.

“Ignorance is the curse of god; knowledge the wing wherewith to fly to heaven.”

Mass education is the burning question of the day. We can not expect to achieve is the burning question of the day. We can not expect to achieve the desired objects without mass education.

Meaning: mass education Is the education which is meant for the illiterate people of the country. It aims at imparting the illiterate people of the country. Writing and arithmetic to the illiterate people with the shortest possible time. It is the mass education that makes people know what is right and what is wrong and makes them conscious of their rights and duties.

Necessity: education is the backbone of a nation. It is the light in the way of our life. Education is like a torch for a man to walk in the dark path of life. A nation can not stand on a solid foundation without education. Illiteracy is a curse. It is the root of all evils. An illiterate man is similar to a blind man. This is a burden not only for his family but also for the society and the nation. He has nothing to attain for himself, let alone, to give anything to the society or the state. Speak the truth; the birth of such a man on earth bears no meaning in the truest sense of the term. Plant says.

“Better be unborn than untaught.”

It is also said, “a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.”
Mill says,

“Universal education must precede universal adult franchise.”

The necessity in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a newborn country. We have won our independence after a gulf of bloodshed. Our country is beset with many problems. Illiteracy is one of them. Nearly 80% of our people are illiterate. It has created a serious obstacle in the way of the smooth running of the economy. Bangladesh is a demarcation country. Wayland says,

“Universal suffrage without universal education would be a curse.”

This is why the sooner we can solve the illiteracy problem, the better-the better not only for us but also for our future generations.

Measures to remove illiteracy: we can adopt the following erasures to remove illiteracy from our society:

Adult education: adult education may go a long way to solve the problems of illiteracy. We should set up night school in every village to impart education to the illiterate adult.

Female education: it is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Napoleon said,

“Give me a good mother; I will give you a good nation.”

We should, therefore, try our level best to educate the illiterate women of our country.

How to materialize: we can adopt the following devices to make the mass education campaign and universities should be organized to educate the illiterate success:

  1. The teachers and the students of schools. Colleges and universities should be organized to educate the illiterate masses during their long vacations.
  2. The examinees of public examinations should be motivated to educate the illiterate masses to the publication of their results.
  3. Out government should come forward to supply the illiterate poor people with books, chat, pencils etc. Free of cost.
  4. The imams of the mosques may also take part in the comparing.
  5. The chairmen and the members of the union councils should make all possible help in the comparing.

Role of government: our late president Ziaur Rahman launched a comparing to educate the illiterate masses within a shortest possible time. Our present government. Has also given top priority to the education sector in the national budget. Our primary education has already been made compulsory.

Conclusion: we are a free nation. We like to live with honour and dignity in the worlds. We do not like to grope in darkness with the curses of illiteracy on our heads. We should, therefore, work hand in hand with the government to make a mass education campaign a grand success. We hope that we shall be able to achieve our desired goal with the grace of Almighty Allah.

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