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Composition on Bangladesh

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Introduction: the name of my country is Bangladesh. She became free and independent of the 16th December 1971. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The soil, the sky, and the wind, in fact, everything of this country is dear to me.

Situation and area: Bangladesh is a south Asian country. She lies between 20˚75 N and 26˚75 N latitudes and 88˚30 E and 92˚75 E longitude. She is surrounded on the west, north, and east by Indian territories. The borders on Myanmar are on the southeast. The Bay of Bengal lies on the south. The area of Bangladesh is about 144000 square kilometers. The total population of our country is about 114 million. In point of the size of the population, Bangladesh is the eighth largest country in the world.

Crops and fruits: our land is soft and fertile. Our farmers can easily dig, plow and prepare the oil with their simple handmade tools. Ours is a tropical country. As a result, our soil gets enough sun; air and water which make are growing better crops. So our farmers can easily grow lots of jute, paddy, sugarcane, tobacco, oilseeds, vegetables and many other crops. In the eastern and southeastern regions of the country, there are a few hilly tracts. These hilly tracts of Sylhet and Chittagong produce tea. Tea brings the country a lot of money from foreign countries.

The fertile land of Bangladesh has made the production of fruits easy. She produces various kinds of fruits. Most of them of are fleshy. Some of them contain watery juice. The fruits of Bangladesh are mangoes, jackfruits, pineapples, papaws, cocoanuts, oranges, palms, guavas, bananas, litchis, lemons, blackberries, dates, plums, melons, figs native apples, star apples wood apples and pomegranates. The mango is called the prince of fruits. The jackfruit is a giant among fruits. The pineapple is a highly palatable and very health-giving fruit. The coconut is a common fruit. The orange is a sweet and juicy fruit. The papaw is a delicious and nutritious fruit. The banana is a nice fruit. It is as delicious as it is nutritious. Most of the fruits produced in Bangladesh are health-giving.

Natural beauties: Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. Much of this beauty is contributed by numerous trees of different sizes. They not only add beauty and charm to the land but also make a great source of wealth to the country. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Few sights of earth can compare in variety and beauty with the sight of a river in Bangladesh. At different times of the day, it presents different scenes. Flowers are the special gifts of nature in Bangladesh. They lend color, smell, beauty, and charm to the land. Almost every season brings in its own wealth of flowers. Among other natural beauties green paddy fields, tea gardens and hills deserve mention.

Conclusion: I love my country very much. I am always ready to die for the good of my country. There is no country in the world just like our country.

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