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Composition on The Fruits of Bangladesh

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Introduction: our country produces various kinds of fruits. Some of them are large, others small. Some are green, others yellow. Many of them are sweet and a few are sour. Most of them are fleshy, white a small number contained watery juice. But whatever may be their size, colour and taste, almost all of them are health-giving.

Mango the prince of fruits: Among the fruits, the mango takes the lead by its sweetness and power of nutrition. It is called the prince of fruits. It has several varieties such as asFazli, Langra, Mohonbhog, Gopalbhog, etc. The Fazli is a large-size mango found in Rajshahi, Bogra and Dinajpur Districts. It is sweet and has a peculiar flavour of its own and is immune from the ravages of worms, Ordinary mangoes are more or less found in almost every district of Bangladesh.

The jack-fruit: The jack-fruit is a giant among fruits. It has a rough and prickly skin. Inside the skin, the fruit is found to be composed of many flakes, each of them containing a stone. It is composite fruit. The fruit is golden in colour and is sweet to the taste.

Pine-apple: Then comes the pineapple. It is obtainable in large quantities in Bangladesh during the rainy season. It is full of the most wonderful juice. It is a substantial and nutritious food.

Orange, Papaw, Palm, and Guava: the orange is sweet and juicy which is very good for the liver. The papaw is also delicious and notorious fruit, and like the orange, is very good for the liver. The papaw is found in almost every district in Bangladesh. The palm and the guava are well-known fruits. The guava contains sufficient of vitamin C.

Banana: The fruit that is much in demand throughout the years is the banana. It is a nice fruit and is as delicious as is it is nutritious. It has different varieties such as the Amritasagar, the Shabri, the Kabri.

Sour fruits: There are some fruits which taste sour. Of these, the lemon is the most popular. It has different varieties of which the kagzi is the best. The tamarind, the kamranga and the batabi also taste sour.

Conclusion: Most of the fruits produced in Bangladesh are health-giving. Various kinds of tonic syrups, jams and jellies are made from the juice of fruits. All kinds sour fruits are very useful to us. We can have this fruit by making gardens around our houses and planting trees on both sides of the roads. The more we can grow fruits, the more we can get to eat. Fruit-culture and fruit-eating can effectively lead to the promotion of our national health.

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