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Composition on The Postman

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The Postman Introduction – His Duties Responsibility – His dress – His importance – Conclusion

With the advancement of civilization man now lives far from their families and relatives. ‘So he has to remain anxious for news from neat and dear ones. This demand has been met up through the -introduction of the postal department. About him. a Bengali poet says,” A postman is the- courier of joys and sorrows. But he cannot and time to know a little about him. The man who delivers letters, parcels, money orders, etc. to the public, is called a postman.

The postman has a lot of duties. He begins his work in the post office from early in the morning. He opens the mailbag and sorts articles like. letters, parcels, money orders, etc. Then he. goes from ‘house to house to deliver those things to the addresses. Though the postman is a petty public servant, his service is full. of responsibility. He has to be regular’ in his duty. If he fails to perform his duty, it may cause great loss and harm to people. So he works honestly and sincerely.

A. postman is known to all of us for his dress. He .generally wears a khaki uniform. supplied by the postal department. He always carries a canvas bag on his shoulder with letters, money orders, parcels, postal articles, etc. in it for delivery. He is seen. to carry an umbrella over his head during the rains and the summer.

Formerly every postman had to put on a. khaki dress and carry a bag containing postal materials for delivery. Out now he mostly goes in a normal dress with a bag hanging from his shoulder and a few letters in hand. About him, a poet has vividly remarked.

A postman plays an important role in our daily. life. He is the most awaited person to us. He brings news from our near and dear ones living in distant places. Our hearts are full of expectations as soon as – we see the familiar figure approaching our house. He comes to our house to deliver letters, money orders, telegrams, parcels, etc. Sometimes he brings letters containing good news.

The postman is a petty public servant. His service is very useful. Society cannot run smoothly without his service. But it is a matter of great regret that he. is very ill-paid, So measures should be taken to make his conditions better so that he can maintain his family keeping out his brain away from the fear of wants. We hope our Govt. would take immediate steps to improve their lot.

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