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Essay on The Postman

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[Hints: Introduction, His Duties, Responsibility, Postman in towns, Postman in villages. His dress. His importance. His salary. Why people like him, Conclusion.]

Introduction: With the advancement of civilization man now far from their families and relatives. So, he has to remain anxious for news from near and dear ones. This demand has been met up through the introduction of the postal department. About him, a Bengali poet says,” A postman is the couriers of joys and sorrows. But he cannot find time to know a little about him. The man who delivers letters, parcels, money orders etc. to the public, is called postman. He is a familiar figure both in a village and in a town. He is a great friend of the people of his areas. The postman is one who is employed by the postal department to deliver postal matters like letters, parcels, money orders etc. to the address of the public.

His Duties: The postman has a lot of duties. He begins his work in the post office from early in the morning. He opens the mailbag and sorts articles like letters, parcels, money orders etc. Then he goes from house to house to deliver those things to the addresses. He never cares for the sun and the rain. He performs his duties even in scorching heat and foul weather. Whenever he delivers money orders, parcels, registered letters etc., he takes the signature of the persons concerned. In other words, when there are money orders or registered things, he calls out the addresses. He has to walk or cover a long distance laboriously to finish his duties in time. He is too busy to walk with people.

Responsibility: Though a postman is a petty public servant, his service is full of responsibility. He has to be regular in his duty. If he fails to perform his duty, it may cause great loss and harm to people. So, he works honestly and sincerely.

Postman in towns: The postman in a town goes house to house to deliver letters, parcels, money orders etc. He generally drops the letters in the private letterboxes. Where there is no letterbox, he drops them through some openings of the doors.

Postman in the village: A village postman goes on his feet twice or thrice a week. He comes to the marketplace on that day and delivers letters, parcels, money orders etc. to their addresses. Often, he has to pass along muddy roads and narrow paths through jungles.

His dress: A postman is known to all of us for his dress. He generally wears a khaki uniform supplied by the postal department. He always carries a canvas bag on his shoulder with letters, money orders, parcels, postal articles etc. in it for delivery. He is seen to carry an umbrella over his head during the rains and the summer. Formerly every postman had to put on a khaki dress and carry a bag containing postal materials for delivery. Out now he mostly goes in a normal dress with a bag hanging from shoulder and a few letters in hand. About him, a poet has vividly remarked

Everyday daily
You can see him walk
Up the road and down the road
Never time to talk.

His importance: A postman plays an important role in our daily life. He is the most awaited person to us. He brings news from our near and dear ones living in distant places. Our hearts are full of expectations as soon as we see the familiar Figure approaching our house. the lie comes to our house to deliver letters money orders, telegrams, parcels etc. Sometimes he. bring letters containing good news. Sometimes he causes us grief or delivering letters containing had news. But we thank him for all that and he is always welcome to us.

When we live far away from home, we are to remain anxious about. the news, of our relatives and dear ones. Sometimes we are very much anxious for money from parents or guardians. By bringing us letters and news, a postman relives us of our anxiety. Thus, a postman plays an important role in our daily life.

His salary: The postman is an ill-paid Government employee but he has to do a responsible job. His salary is very low. He always remains. in want and poverty. In consideration of the nature of work and responsibilities, he should be given a good salary.

Why people like him: The postman is a great friend of the people. He does a very useful work. He brings news from our friends and relations. We always hope that he will bring some good news and so we eagerly wait for him Sometimes, he brings bad news and makes us unhappy and sad. But when he brings good news, our heart fills with pleasure and joy. This is why a postman is always welcomed by all of us. It reminds us of the rhyme of a poet -“Postman, postman doesn’t be late pass the letter over the gate”. We like him most because he serves us as a very true friend in the hour of our need.

Conclusion: The postman is a petty public servant. His service is very useful. The society cannot run smoothly without his service. But it is a matter of great regret that he is very ill-paid. So, measures should be taken to make his conditions better so that he can maintain his family keeping out his brain away from the fear of wants. We hope our Govt. would take immediate steps to improve their lot.

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