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Short Composition on The Postman

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Introduction: Postman is a familiar figure. He is known to all. He is a petty government service holder. He works in the post office. He is known as a ‘Dak-peon.’

His dress: The postman puts on a Khaki dress. He has a turban on his head. He carries a small bag full of letters, parcels money orders etc Sometimes he uses a bicycle.

His duty: In the morning he begins his duty from the post office. He puts letters, parcels and money orders in his bag and goes out to deliver them. He moves from door to door without taking any rest.

His life: A postman is a great friend to all. His- work is very hard and full of responsible. He does not know what is rest. But he gets a small salary. He leads a very hard and miserable life.

Qualities of a postman: A good postman has many qualities. He is very conscious, dutiful and hard working. He is punctual and regular to his duties.

Usefulness: A postman is a very useful and important person in our society. We suffer a lot without his services. He brings our news from home and abroad.

Conclusion: A postman is an eager person in our society. Sometimes he delivers our letters on market day to those who go to the market.

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