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Paragraph on Good Manners

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. How can you define good manners?
  2. How can it be attained?
  3. Who can be a man of good manners?
  4. Who is liked in society?
  5. Why should you be good mannered?
  6. How do you feel being good mannered?

Answer: Good manners are those of qualities that make a man gentle, polite and well behaved. It keeps him free from doing evil works. It also makes him dignified and sensible. It can be attained easily through willpower. A person can gain it by obeying the orders and advice of his parents, teachers, and seniors. Firstly, it must be attained from the family. The family atmosphere teaches a person how to behave in different situations with different people of different tastes and temperaments. Student life is the best period to cultivate good manners and noble qualities. An obedient boy or student can be a person of good manners. By obeying the instructions of seniors from his boyhood, he can be a man of good manners. Honest, well behaved, hardworking and pious men are liked in the society. To be a successful man in society, I should be a man of good manners.

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