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Paragraph on My Idea of a Good Teacher


  • What is his position in the society?
  • What special qualities does he possess?
  • What is the aim of his teaching?
  • What does he behave with his students?
  • How much does a nation owe to him?

Answer: A good teacher is an important person in any society. He is a potential nation builder. He gives us proper training to become a real man in future. He knows the modern method of teaching. He creates interest in the minds of his students about their subjects. Good teachers aim is to bring out the hidden talents of the students. He makes them keen to learn. He also makes their lessons before his class. He uses his arms, hands, and fingers to make his expressions attractive, lively and impressive. He is dutiful, honest and well-behaved. He takes special care to help the weak students. He loves his students dearly and makes them confident. He is very careful not only about the study matters of his students but also about other matters related to their interests. He is never angry and rude with them. He acts as a friend or guardian or guide to the students. A nation was to him a lot. So every nation needs ideal teachers.