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Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher

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  1. Who is your favourite teacher?
  2. What is his academic qualification?
  3. What subject does he teach you?
  4. What style does he follow in his teaching?
  5. How does he make the lesson interesting?
  6. What is your impression of him?

Answer: Mr Abdul jabber is my favourite English teacher. He is a teacher of the first water. He possesses all the qualities of a good teacher. He is a brilliant scholar with a sound academic career. He is an M.A in English. We are all charmed by his art of speaking and method of teaching. He has a strong, clear and pleasing voice. Every day he teaches us in a new style. He speaks English with a foreign accent. He creates an English environment in his class. He is always friendly with his students. He helps us in all possible ways. He helps the weak students with difficult lessons. He makes his lesson an intersection and keeps his students active in the class. He also makes them confident and proves them clever. He does not sit motionless before his class. He uses his arms, hands, and fingers to make his expressions lively and impressive. He maintains strict discipline in the class. He is very honest, gentle, polite, sincere, dutiful and well-behaved. I am greatly impressed by his towering personality.


Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher / A Good Teacher / An Ideal Teacher

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Your Favorite Teacher’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is the name of your school?
  2. Who is your favourite teacher?
  3. What is his qualification?
  4. What does he teach?
  5. What does he do for the students?

Answer: The name of my school is Dhaka Collegiate school. I have met many teachers. I respect all of them. But all have not equally impressed me among all, Mr Sabuj Mandal has impressed me most. He is my favourite teacher. My favourite teacher teaches us English. He is 34 or so. He has done his (honours) in B. A. and M. A. in English. His method of teaching is very easy. Every day he applies a new technique. So, we never feel bored in his class. Sometimes, he tells us jokes to draw our attention. Thus he makes every class interesting. He speaks very easy English. He never uses a single bombastic word. We can easily understand him. He is sweet spoken. His sweet voice charms everyone. My favourite teacher is very punctual and dutiful. He is never late in his class. He is not only a teacher but also a friend. He encourages the weak students. He is very kind to poor students. Sometimes, he gives them money from his pocket. He also plays with us. He encourages us to take part in all cultural functions and sports. Thus we have a close tie with him. My favourite teacher is very friendly and fatherly with his students. He is never biased. All are equal to him. He loves us like his sons and daughters. We love him too. He is my best teacher, guide, and friend. I will never forget him. I am proud of him.

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