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Composition on The Teacher I Like Most/ My Favorite Teacher

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Introduction: Teachers are the builders of a nation. They are in fact the guardians of civilization. I have met some excellent and extraordinary teachers. Of them, one is my favorite whom I like most.

My Favourite Teacher: The name of my favorite teacher is Md Rezaul Karim (Science). He is very dear to all the students. He teaches us English. He is very popular with his students not only for his excellent teaching style but also for his unique personality.

His Qualification: My Favourite Teacher Md Rezaul Karim (Science) is a BSC in Mathematics. He is also MA in English. He is o.e of the most experienced teacher in Ghior DN Pilot High School.

His Extraordinary Qualities: Apart from his outstanding method of teaching, he has some extraordinary qualities. He is very careful about all his students. He always speaks gently, politely, and with a smile. He promptly discovers the hidden treasure in anyone. He also has a very strong convincing power in him. He can convince even the naughty students with his sweet and lucid voice. He always tries his best to help his student as good instructors. He is not only a teacher but also a friendly guardian to his students. He is also popular with his colleagues and neighbors. His presentable personality simply charms all.

His relationship with the students: The relationship between Md Rezaul Karim (Science) and his students is really cooperative and friendly. He helps all his students to prepare their lessons well. He always tries to build the life of his students with his moral views. He advises and suggests we try to be a good man rather than to be merely a good student.

Conclusion: My favorite teacher Rezaul Karim (Science) is a favorite not only with me but also with all his students. If there are more teachers like him, our society and nation will get a good education and meritorious leaders.

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