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Paragraph on Obedience to Teacher

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Teachers are those persons from whom we learn something. Hence for our knowledge we are indebted to our teachers. So a teacher is called the maker of human being. In our life teachers are the most important persons for us. In a man’s life the position of a teacher is next to his parents. So alexander pope, the famous Greek hero has rightly said, “I owe t my parents for my birth but I owe to my educational boss, Aristotle for my education”. Our teachers give us knowledge and teaching. If there is no teacher we cannot learn anything. We should remember that it is our teachers who make us an officer or a socially valued person. Teachers also play an important role in the formation of our character. The greatness of a nation has always been preceded by the greatness of its teachers. It is impossible to imagine ancient Greece without teachers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Therefore Aristotle said, those who education children are more to be honored than over their parents, for these only give them life, Those the art of living well. It is the teacher on whom the future of a learner mostly depends. Teacher always guides and advices his student, He shows the ways to succeed in life. So we should obey our teachers with respect. If we do not follow their guidelines and advices we cannot learn anything. We must remember that teachers are our mentors so we should speak to them politely and courteously. The disobedience to teachers is an unforgivable sin. None can prosper in life without obeying his teacher. A teacher wants his students to be good to learn his lessons properly so that he may succeed in life. So if a student does not obey his teachers he is sure to fail in life. We should not do anything that may hurt a teacher. A disobedient student must suffer in the long run. Teachers are the guardians of civilization. They are the mentors of man’s life. It is the teacher who plays the vital in the formation of character of a nation. So everyone should pay a rich tribute to his teacher. The nation also should pay due respect to him.

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