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Composition on The Teacher I Like Best

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Introduction: those who from among people take up teaching as the professions of life are called teachers. Teaching is the noblest of all professions. Teachers are the most important persons in the society. They are the potential builders of the nation. They are more than any other class of society. They are the guardians of civilization. They keep the torch of civilization ever burring.

My feelings about teachers: teachers are the most estimated persons to me. I like them next to My parents. It needs no telling that my parents are the source of my very existence on earth. There is none on earth who can come in contrast with them in this resets. My teacher’s contributions are just next to them. They have transformed me from a mere flesh of the human body into a full-bodied man adorned with all the best qualities of human life. They have brought me to the light of knowledge from the darkness of ignorance. They have actually given me seconded birth on earth. They have enlightened my life by developing my mind, my heart, and my soul simultaneously. I am greatly indebted to them all. I am also quite one with the feelings of both Alexander and Aristotle about their teachers. Alexander says about his teacher, Aristotle,

“To my father I own my life;
To Aristotle the knowledge to live worthily.”

Aristotle has placed his teachers even above his parents by saying.

“Those who educate children are more to be honored than even their parents.”

The ideology of a teacher: teachers are undoubtedly the most respected persons in the society. But the ideal teachers from among them are all the more respected persons to the people of all walks of life. The teachers who possess ass the noble qualitative of a teacher is called ideal teachers. The ideal teachers must have admirable educational qualifications, an attractive method of teaching, uncommon convincing power, sharp sense of duty and punctuality. Feelings of love and affection, amiable disposition, adherence to honesty and truthfulness, friendly and father-like attitude, progressive mind and broad outlook and above ass, a good moral character. He must feel delighted to imagine himself watching the slowly expanding minds of the young people like the petals of a flower and help them all possible ways, he must feel that teaching is not his profession but his mission. An ideal teacher is a great asset to the nation. I have taken all the qualities of an ideal teacher into account and chosen Mr Abdul jabber as my favourite teacher.

Love and affection: Md. Abdul Jabber is always friendly with us. He helps us in all possible ways. He helps the weak students with difficult lessons. He makes his lesson interesting and keeps us active in the class. He also makes us confident and proves us clever. He is very much intelligent and can discover the hidden treasure inside each student. He takes part in the extra-curricular activities of the students. He conducts the debating club of the school. He helps us not only in writing good speeches but also shows us how to present them nicely.

Dutifulness and convincing power: he is very dutiful, punctual, gentle, sincere and honest. He never shows any excuse for performing his duties and responsibilities. He always keeps the interest of the students and the school above his own interest. His convincing power is very great. He can convince easily even the naughty students with his sweet lucid voice. He never allows the students to adopt unfair means in the examination hall.

A man of delicate taste: he is very much cultural minded. All the cultural activates of our school are conducted under his direction. He is always led by reasons and not by emotions. He has taken up teaching as his mission and not as his profession. He acts upon the motto.

“To serve man is to serve god.”

He can recite poems very nicely and deliver speeches fluently. He is also a man of the progressive mind. He is not blazed with the old thoughts and idea of life.

Why I like him best: my favourite teacher possesses all the qualities of an ideal teacher. I like him best for his motto of plain living and high thinking. He knows to rule and when to love. He is handsome both within and without. I am greatly impressed by his towering personality and magnanimity. I can assert that such an ideal teacher is liked not only by me but also by all sensible students.

Conclusion: Mr Abdul jabber is a successful teacher. He has left an abiding impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of an ideal teacher. He is at the same time my teacher, friend, and guardian. I wish him a happy and prosperous life. Let me quote his valuable advice about the secret of success in life,

“Honor and shame from condition rise,
Act well your part and there the entire honor lies.”

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