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Composition on An Ideal Teacher

Question: Write a short composition expressing your idea of “An Ideal Teacher“.

Answer: Bertrand Russel, the renowned philosopher says, “Teachers are the guardians of civilization.” An ideal teacher is really a guardian of civilization because it is his effort through which ideal citizens of a country can be made. These ideal citizens bring the nation towards cultural development and nourishment of civilization. Thus, a teacher who dedicates his life to the welfare of the students and the society is an ideal teacher. lie earns our love, respect and trust by dint of his honesty, dignity, sense of self-respect, strong personality and good manner.

Mr Anwar Kamal is such an ideal teacher to me. I love him, respect him and like him very much. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of love and affection, convincing power, attractive personality and appreciable teaching method. He is our friend and guide. He is truthful, dutiful and modest. He is gifted with talent, politeness and kindness for the students. He carries out his responsibility with fear. He never compromises with anybody or anything in the question of principle and morality. Mr Anwar Karnal is a teacher who has a high mortality and personality. He is a tutor, a father and a friend to his students. He takes loving care of all his students in all matters of importance.

If a student is backward in his class, he is sure to get help from Mr Karnali If any poor boy cannot buy a book, he will no doubt get a book from Mr Kamal. Many a night he spends by the sick bed of ailing students ‘living in the hostel. He takes care and rectifies a student who may have fallen an evil company. He never hesitates to borrow money to help a need boy. Al! these, however, do not mean that he gives overindulgence to his students or he is very lenient to his students. He knows it well when to handle firmly and when tenderly. when to chastise and when to love the students. So, we cannot underestimate the contribution of our favourite teacher Anwar Kamal.