Composition on Your School Library

[Hints: Introduction, Knowledge, Where situated, Size, Number and kinds of books, How we use it, Its Utility, Conclusion.]

Introduction: A library is a collection of various kinds of books. Every high school has a library which is good enough to serve the purpose of a school. It is intended for the use of the teachers and students.

Knowledge: The school library is an institution within an institution. A school gives its students knowledge and a school library is a part of that knowledge-giving process.

Where situated: We have an imposing school building. It has three floors. Our School is on the ground floor, adjacent to the teachers’ common room.

Size: Our school is a library is in a large spacious room. It is a big library with two dozen book-cases and each one is full of books. On one side of the library room, there is a space where tables are set with chairs around. The students sit at these the ables and read books, newspapers, magazines etc when they do not have any class.

Number and kinds of books: Our school library is very rich. There are different kinds of books in it; both in Bangla and English. But most of the books are in Bangla. The books by almost all the good writers in Bangladesh and other countries are in the library. A school library contains books or reference grammar, composition, history, geography, mathematics and so on.

How we use it: A school library is the property of the school which is not open to outsiders. Only the teachers and students have access to it. When a teacher or a student takes a book with the permission of the Liberian he takes care not to damage it. A teacher can take a book outside the library with proper permission of the librarian.

Its Utility: A school library helps teachers to prepare themselves for the subjects. The students of a school receive great benefits from the school library. Other books will give the students a lot of useful information and thus help him to have a clear understanding of the subjects. When a student has to write an article for the school magazine or to discuss a subject in the debating society, he reads books outside the range of the prescribed ones if he finds these books in the school library. It creates a reading habit among the students.

Conclusion: Students should try their best to make the best use of the library and gain as much benefit from it as they can.

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