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Composition on The City of Dhaka

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[Hints: Introduction, situation, area, population, Its history, Its beauty, Centre of Education, Commerce and communication, Conclusion.]

Introduction: I live in Dhaka. Dhaka is an old city. It is the capital of Bangladesh.

Situation, area, population: Dhaka stands on the northern bank of the river Buriganga. The Buriganga bridge has connected the southern bank with the main city. It is with suburbs the annual sports miles long and 12 miles broad. More than 85 lacs of people live in the city. Its area and population increasing day by day. The houses of the city are growing only upwards.

Its history: Subedar Islam Khan was the founder of the city. Islampur Road still reminds us of Subedar Islam Khan. Its beauty: Dhaka is a beautiful city. There are many fine mosques, churches and temples in Dhaka. The old fort of Lalbagh still exists in this city. There is a large Stadium where 70 thousand people can witness games. Dhaka museum, Ganobhaban, High Court, Carzon Hall, Ahashan Munzil, Salimullah Hall, Ramna Park and New Market are things worth seeing. The climate of this place is very good.

Centre of Education: Dhaka is the greatest centre of education in Bangladesh. The University of Dhaka, the Board of Secondary Education, the Dhaka Medical College, the Engineering University, Polytechnical institutes, Colleges, school and Madrashas are important educational institutions.

Commerce and communication: Dhaka has become one of the most important business centres of Bangladesh. The city is connected with various parts of the cot.ntry by a railway line and river aways. It exports jute and hides.

Conclusion: Dhaka is situated in the middle of the country. The city is well communicated with the rest of the country. But it is a matter of great regret that the environment of the city has been polluted. It is being turned very serious gradually. Government and the public should take proper steps to remove pollution.

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