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Essay on A Historical Place You Visited Or, A Visit to Dhaka City

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[Hints: Introduction; Description of Dhaka; Old glory; New town; Conclusion]

Introduction: I have heard much about Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. As a result, I had been waiting’ for a chance to pay a visit of Dhaka since my boyhood. At last, I got the opportunity. Our school was closed for a fortnight for the Autumn vacation. It is a nice time to go from one place to another. I as well as some of my friends boarded the Dhaka bound train and reached Dhaka at about 7 a.m.

Description of Dhaka: Dhaka is an old city. During the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, it was founded by Islam Khan. Now it is the capital city of Bangladesh. The town is divided into two parts old and new.

Old glory: The old fort of Lalbagh, BarakatlLa, Chotokatra, Bahadursha Park, Hussaini Dalan, the Dhakeswari Temple. Ahsan Manzil, the historic cannon Kalo Zam Zam and the Shahi Mosque speak of the old glory of Dhaka. I was much delighted to see the tomb of Pari Bibi, a daughter of Shaista Khan. We also saw the ancient mosque of Begum Bazar, built by Shaista Khan.

New town: The new town is very beautiful. Many beautiful buildings have been built in this area recently. The Gana Bhaban, the Curzon Hall, the High Court, Dhaka Museum, the Dhaka Stadium, Baitul-Mukarram, New Market are all worth- seeing. The University of Dhaka is the pride of Bangladesh. There are several colleges and many good high schools in Dhaka. There are Board of Secondary Education, Engineering University, Law Colleges, Medical College, B.Ed College in Dhaka. We visited all these famous buildings. Ramna Green is a very beautiful place where hundreds of people, young and old assemble in the morning and evening. We went to the zoo at Mirpur. At last, we visited the Kamlapur Railway Station and the Zia International Airport.

Conclusion: The visit to this place of historical. interest gave us new experiences about the capital city.