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Paragraph on The Shat Gambuj Mosque

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The Shat Gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat is a past heritage of Bangladesh. It is a historical mosque and an Islamic monument. In the 15th century Ulugh, Khanjahan Ali built it. He was a Turkish general and saint warrior. He developed the city building many kinds of public complexes. But the Shat Gambuj Mosque was the most famous and attractive. The mosque has 77 domes and 60 pillars. It has also II Mihrabs and 25 arches. The thickness of the arches is 6 feet. It is made of stones and bricks. It is a unique settlement. It carries the Mughal and Turkish architectural features. Khan Jahan Ali used it as a court, prayer hall, and institution. It is one of the greatest attractions and the oldest establishments in our country. Now it is a world heritage site.

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