Dialogue Between Two Friends About A Visit to A Place of Historical Interest

Question: Write a dialogue between two friends about a visit to a place of historical interest.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends about a visit to a place of historical interest:

Apu: Hello, Tipu, how are you?

Tipu: I am fine, But I could not see you last week.

Apu: yes, you are right. Last week I visit went to Bagerhat with my elder brother.

Tipu: Oh, it is good news. But why did you select Bagerhat to visit?

Apu: You know it is a place of historical interest. The Shat Gambut Mosque has been declared as a world heritage site. A large number of people every visit Bagerhat.

Tipu: How did you enjoy the visit?

Apu: Oh, really it was a great experience for me. I could Know many things of our past history.

Tipu: What were the things that you witnessed there?

Apu: I saw the Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali, the Shat Gambut Mosque?

Tipu: Can you please tell me something about the Shat Gambut Mosque?

Apu: It is the important architectural design of the Mughal empire. The mosque is unique because it has sixty pillars supported by seventy-seven domes. It was used both as a mosque and as a court by Khan Jahan Ali.

Tipu: Have you seen the tank and the Ghora Dighi.

Apu: The tank is a wonderful thing. It was dug for pure drinking water. I could see some big crocodiles in the tank. They come upon the bank to bask in the sun. When any visitor gives any food, they come nearer to take food. Ghora Dighi is a vast dighi. It is said that a horse was allowed to run across the vast area. The land which was covered by the horse had been dug as a dighi. So it is known as Ghora Dighi.

Tipu: Thank you. I could know many things from you.

Apu: Most welcome.

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