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Composition on What I Would Do After My S.S.C Examination?

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Introduction: my s.s.c examination will be over within a week. I am going to get a long time after the examinations are over. I have decided to make the best use of my time.

Planning: we know that human life is very short. We have to perform a lot of deeds within this short period. I have also planned to perform such deeds as would be useful to make my future shining. I am a student and I have to add to the storehouse of my knowledge. I think the visiting of the historical places may go a long way to serve my purpose. I feel that mere reading books connote make our knowledge complete unless we see the things with our eyes. Things that we read about in books come to life and speak for themselves when we visit them.  A wise saying also goes, ‘home keeping youths are always homely.’ So I have made up my mind to visit some of the historical places of Bangladesh during the period.

Description: I do believe that variety is the spice of life. First of all, I shall visit the important places of Dhaka city including the Lalbagh Fort, the national museum, the zoo, the central Shahid Minar and the campus of Dhaka University. I shall visit Mainamati and Salban Bihar which is renowned for their archaeological background and Buddhist culture. Then I wish to visit Bagerhat, a great historical place of religious interest founded by the great saint called Hazrat Khanjahan Ali. There I shall pay a short visit to the Mahasthangarh in Bogra and the Shampur Bihar of Papharpur in Naogaon. These places bear the testimony of ancient history and culture of the 5thcentury as well as the evolution of Buddhism. I have also a mind to read different kinds of historical and cultural books during the period of my visit. It will help me develop my practical knowledge along with my bookish knowledge.

Conclusion: I am greatly inspired by the well-known saying of William Shakespeare, ‘those who have never moved an inch from their house remain ignorant of many things. They are just like frogs in a well.’

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