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Composition on My Preparations for S.S.C Examination

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Introduction: student life is the life of preparation – preparation the struggle of life. The results of examiners completely depend on the nature of his preparations for the examination.

The idea about examination: examination is said to be a gateway through which the merit of an examination is evaluated for promotion to the next higher classes. It goes without saying that this examination is a thing of great suspense for each and every examiner. I am not an accepting. I know that the secret of overcoming the suspense and winning the success in the examination lies in one’s good preparations.

Plan of study: my s.s.c examination is knocking at the door. It is gating to be held within a month. I do believe that my preparation is quite satisfactory is all subjects. I am now busy revising all that I learn throughout the year. I started studying my subject’s right from the very beginning of the year. I made a plan of study wisely and gave equal importance to all the subjects.

System and opted for preparations: I always tried to be systematic in my work. My method was like this: I studied and learned a question thoroughly and then put it in writing in my notebook. I kept separate notebooks for each individual subject. My notebooks now contain all the possible questions in each subject. These notebooks are now my greatest treasure. Some of my classmates depend on almost my greatest treasure. Some of the classmates depend almost wholly on ‘suggestions’ and learn only some selected question. I do not think this to be a wise policy. All the chapters in a subject are interrelated. I did my preparations considering every single chapter in each subject equally important. I believe I would not have to leave any question unanswered in my examination.

Conclusion: I hope, I will be able to have an a+ grade in the examination and fulfill the long-cherished dream of my teachers and parents. May God help me to do this best.

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