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Composition on Your Favorite Book

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Introduction: I have read many books. Of all books, I like “Treasure Island” most the name of the author of this book is R.L. Stevenson. He is a very famous English writer. Once I start reading it I cannot leave it until I have finished it.

Name of contents: My favorite book is the “Treasure Island”. The story is very interesting and thrilling. It is full of adventurous deeds.

The story is brief: the hero of the story is a boy of thirteen years old. His name is Jim Hawkins. Jim accidentally happened to be on a treasure hunting expedition. The treasure was hidden in a far-off lonely island by some pirates. Jim and his party and also the pirates were looking for it. They wanted to take it. It is a long story of great struggles, adventures and heroic deeds. Jim by his bravery saved his friends from Jhon Silver, the most dangerous pirates that ever lived. Silver made secret plan to kill Jim and his associates in order to capture the treasure. Jim came to know the secret plan and a counter plan was also made. At last Jim’s intelligence and courage saved him and his friends from danger. Jim and his friends got the treasure and returned to England with their pockets full of gold.

Why it is Favorite to me/why do I like it: the author with his powerful pen keeps me in an anxious and suspense from the beginning to the end. The book is full of adventures, brave deeds and the horrors and terrors of the struggle. At last, I have a sigh of relief when I find that my here wins over will force of evils. This is only the book which is a great favor to me.

Conclusion: as a storybook “Treasure Island” is interesting to me. It will be interesting to all young students of my age, I suppose.

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