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Short Composition On A Book Fair I Visited

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Introduction: all kinds of fairs are mainly organized to display products as well as to created demands for these products. A book fair is also held to display books of various kinds and taste and created interest among people to buy and read more and more books.

Description: I have a prolonged desired to visit a book fair with my friend. This year my desire came into being. I visited the Ekushe Boi-Mela. I along with my friend arrived at the fair around 4 o’clock. The main gate was beautifully decorated. When I entered the gate of fair, I was simply struck with wonder. I found that the fair looked as it were, a fairy world of books and books. There were about 300 book-stalls arranged by different publishing houses. Men, women, and children of all classes gathered in the fair. Many poets, novelists, and writers made their appearance at the fair. Many of them were found exchanging greetings with the customer. Books ware being sold at discount rates. Many rare books were also found available in the fair.

My experience: my friend and I were loitering from one stall to another with hungry eyes and heart. I wished I could have purchased all the books. But I had not that means. At last, I purchased only three books named ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare. ‘Manab Mukut’ by Eakub Ali Chowdhury and ‘Baraf Gala Nadi’ by Zahir Raihan. Seminars and cultural programmes were also held at the fair. I was delighted to enjoy a staged drama based on the language movement of 1952. a book fair reminds us that books are our best friends and companions.

Conclusion: I enjoyed every moment of my stay at the book fair. The memory of the fair shall remain ever fresh in my mind.

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