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Paragraph on Visiting a Book Fair

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Last Friday, I had an opportunity to pay a visit to the book fair arranged at the Bangla Academy premises in premises in remembrance of the valiant sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives for the rights of speaking in their mother language. I am fond of collecting books. With a view to collecting some books, I went there. There were many bookstalls displaying and selling books on various subjects. A large number of books like fiction, plays, poetry, children’s books, and adventure books were displayed there. I observed many of them and bought a few. Besides, many literary figures of the country flocked there and added to the glamour of the fair. In the afternoon, a discussion meeting was held in which the sacrifice of the language heroes was focused. This meeting was followed by a musical show in which some famous artists charmed the audiences with melodious folk songs. The songs left a soothing effect on the audience for a time. For a while, I also got nostalgic forgetting the hard realities of life.