Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About A Novel You Have Recently Read

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend about a novel you have recently read.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends about a novel you have recently read:

Habib: Hello, Harun, how are you?

Myself: I am fine. How are you?

Habib: I am also fine. Which book is this? When did you borrow the book from the school library?

Myself: I borrowed it last week? The name of the book is “Palli Shamaj” written by Sharat Chatterjee.

Habib: Have you finished reading? How did you enjoy?

Myself: Yes, I have finished it. This is a very interesting book and I enjoyed it so much.

Habib: Why did you enjoy it so much?

Myself: I enjoyed it because the story and characters are still available today in our rural areas. I think most of the characters I have seen around me. The characters act and behave exactly as I see around me in my village. So, I think the story is picked up from our village. The intrigues, atrocities, cruelties of the landlords, feudal lords, money lenders, and the love, affection, and sacrifices of the women are vividly portrayed in the book.

Habib: Then it’s an excellent book. Sharat Chatterjee wanted to reform our society.

Myself: I agree with you. Thank you for your compliment.

Habib: You are most welcome.

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