Dialogue Between Two Friends About A Drama by Shakespeare

Question: Asad and Amin are two friends. Asad went to Amin’s house to pay a visit. Amin was absorbed in reading a very interesting drama by Shakespeare. Asad becomes curious about the book. Write a dialogue between Asad and Amin.

Answer: A dialogue between Asad and Amin on an interesting drama by Shakespeare:

Asad: Hello Amin, how are you?

Amin: Fine, thank you. I’m very happy that you have come to our house to visit me.

Asad: What happened to you? You’re not going to the field nowadays.

Amin: Oh! I’m sorry for that. But there’s the reason for my not going these two days.

Asad: Would you please tell me?

Amin: I was reading such an interesting book that I could not go anywhere without finishing it.

Asad: What is that book?

Amin: It’s a famous drama of Shakespeare.

Asad: What is the name of that drama and what is the subject matter of it?

Amin: The name of the drama is “Macbeth.” The major characters are Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, King Duncan etc. It shows that too much ambition leads to ruin and death.

Asad: I want to read this drama. Can I borrow it for some days?

Amin: Of course. Here it is.

Asad: Thank you.

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