Dialogue Between Yourself and The Immigration Officer of The Respective Embassy

Question: Suppose you would like to go abroad for higher study. You have been awarded a Fulbright scholarship. Write a dialogue between yourself and the immigration officer (I.O) of the respective embassy in Dhaka.

Answer: A dialogue between the immigration officer (I.O) and me:

Myself: May I come in, sir?

I.O: Yes, come in. Be seated, please.

Myself: Thank you.

I.O: How can I help you?

Myself: I want to study at a university in your country and for that, I have applied for a student visa.

I.O: Could you show me your documents?

Myself: Here they are.

I.O: In which discipline do you like to study there?

Myself: I like to study M.B.A.

I.O: What is your IELTS score?

Myself:6.5, you can find my score here.

I.O: Have you enrolled at any of the universities of Australia?

Myself: Yes, I have enrolled at Canberra University. Here the papers.

I.O: How would you bear your expenses there?

Myself: I have been awarded a Fulbright scholarship from the university.

I.O: Oh, that’s really fine. Leave your all documents along with your passport and meet me next week at the appointed time.

Myself: Thank you very much, sir.

I.O: Most welcome.

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