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Essay on The World Cup Cricket ’99

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[Hints: Introduction, brief history, Highlight of the World Cup `99, A bird’s eye view of the Final, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The last World Cup Cricket Match of the century was concluded on June 20, 1999. It came as a flash of lighting giving much thrills and excitement to the world people.

A brief history: The I. C. C. authorities introduced one day cricket. The first three tournaments held in 1975, 1979 and 1983 were off 60 overs. And then the number of overs was fixed at 50 from the tournament held in 1987. In the seven-tournament held so far. The match-winning countries were the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Of these West Indies and Australia won two times and the other tree countries won one time. And in this year’s match, the last match of the country, South Africa came on the scene and reached up to Semi-Final.

The highlight of the World Cup ’99: The World Cup ’99 Started on May 14 and the final match was played on June 20. Twelve countries including Bangladesh participated in this tournament. The teams of these twelve countries were divided into Group A and Group B. England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Zimbabwe, and Kenya were Group A and Australia, West Indies, Pakistan Newzeland, Bangladesh and Scotland were in Group B. The First round of this match was finished on May 31. The second round of the match was held among the sin countries called Super Six from. June about to June 13. Out of these, Pakistan, Australia, Newzealand, and South Africa qualified for playing in Semi-finals which were played on June 16. And 17. Australia and Pakistan qualified for Final.

A bird’s eye view of the Final: The final game was played between Pakistan and Australia on June 20, at Lord’s. In this match, Australia defeated Pakistan and became the world champion for the second time.

Pakistan suffered a great humiliation in the final match. The match was turned into a one-sided game. Pakistan begged only 132 runs in 39 over. It was the lowest score ever recorded in the world cup final. Australia reached the target in 121 balls Shane Warne of Australia was adjudged man of the match. And Lance Klusener, the man of the tournament.

Conclusion: And now the world people are eagerly waiting to see the next World Cup Cricket which is going to be played in South Africa in 2003.