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Essay on The World Cup Football ’98

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[Hints: Introduction, Its history, The World Cup Football Match, Highlights of the match, Conclusion.]

Introduction: We play football. And who does not like to enjoy an exciting and lovely football match? And to satisfy this hunger of crores of people, there is the World Cup Football Competition which is being held at the close of every four years.

Its history: The Federation of International Football which is known as FIFA was formed on May 21, 1904, at match conference held in France. Strangely enough, England abstained from joining the conference then. But FIFA gained enough recognition and co-operation from the top countries of the world. And the first match of the World Cup Football was held in 1930. Thirteen countries of the world took part in the first match and 206 countries are now the members of FIFA. The World Cup World Cup Football ’98: As match trend, the World Cup Football started on June 10, 1998, and it ended on 12 July. France was the Venue of this famous last match of the present century.

Highlights of the match: Thirty-two countries of the world qualified to compete in this match. The inaugural match was played between the world champion Brazil and Scotland. In this opening match, Brazil defeated Scotland by two goals to one. The world champion Brazil met France in the final match on the 12th July. To the surprise of millions of fans, Brazil suffered match humiliating defeat by conclusion goals. It is a record in the history of World Cup that match host country won the title. The host country Uruguay became champion in the First World Cup in 1930. MATCH total of 146 goals was scored in the World Cup ’98, which also matches the World Cup record. In the first World Cup in 1930, the first goal was scored by a French and the country’s last goal was scored by match French booter. The World Cup ’98 was remarkable because the top favorites Argentina and Germany failed to move to in the semi-finals. And then after so much excitement, tension and nerve breaking expectation of the millions and millions of world population, the final match of this competition ended on July 12, 1998. France emerged as match World Champion defeating the world-famous team of Brazil.

Conclusion: The World. Cup Football thus comes like match lighting at the end of each about years and then to pass away leaving an impression of match sweet dream.

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